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Smart Digital Locks

Four types of open & Close Functions

4-WAY Authentication Method

There are four ways to open the door: Fingerprint, Smartcard, Password, and Emergency key. If you lose your Smart card, you can use it with confidence by deleting the existing data and re-registering the extra smart card.

Door Lock Bangladesh

For Customer Convenience

Voice Announcement Fuction

Voice announcement function helps customers to understand more about product setting and can do setting without reading user manual.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Without circuit damage

Electric Shock Neutralization Function

This product has passed the special test to experiment with electric shock and prevents the door from being opened by unauthorized electric shocks, so it does not open even when high voltage is artificially applied from the outside.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Perfect protection against fingerprint hacking

Biometric fingerprint recognition

It is a powerful security system that prevents fake fingerprints by authentication capillaries, blood flow, and sweat glands with biometric security technology that can never be opened without you.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Stop worrying about outside

Life Waterproof Function

It works normally even in an environment exposed to the outside. If you do not have direct rain exposure, you can use it with confidence.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Open from inside, block from outside

Fire Prevention System Function

In a case of detecting abnormal temperature higher than 60°C, the load alarm will sound and the door automatically opens for quick evacuation. This is the smart door lock that passed the test for fire resistance under high temperature above 1000°C.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Forced intrusion? No!

Intrusion Detection Alarm Function

When a door is detected being opened in an abnormal way while the door is locked, a powerful 80dB alarm is sounded to alert neighbors to prevent robbery.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Touch with your hands and numbers light up

One-Touch Function

All operations are easy to use and advanced with one-touch operation with a touch of a finger

Door Lock Bangladesh

Lock can be controlled no matter where you are

Smart App Compatible

Through WiFi connection, lock system can be controlled via mobile application with real-time control.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Semi-permanent effect with self-developed antibacterial material

Antimicrobial Protection

Antibacterial coating treatment prevents cross-contamination of bacteria on the ‘handle’ and ‘touch pad’. Through a 24-hour reduction rate test for a bacterial reaction, 99.99% of antibacterial efficiency had been obtained.

Door Lock Bangladesh

Smart Door Lock Evolution

Anti Shake Technology

Smart door lock with anti-shake technology patent for safe unshakable door lock satisfaction.

Door Lock Bangladesh


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